I recently came back from LA where I attended the Supernatural Conference in westwood UCLA. We had worship, prayer, word and practical application. The application part of the conference was what stirred my faith up the most I’d say. We were asked to go out into Westwood to bless the community with prayer, prophetic words and deed. It was a scary, humiliating and humbling experience to say the least.

Considering how public my ministry is, it is so easy to feel like I am being vocal and bold in my faith when actually my light and confidence most often shines within the four walls of the church. But it’s easy to be spiritual in a spiritual setting right? God has been challenging me since I’ve come back from my trip to Indonesia this summer to BURN away my pride and start begin alittle more foolish for Christ. To lay my reputation and position on the line for the sake of obedience.

I was challenged by a new friend this September to move on beat with the unction of the Holy Spirit rather then the rhythm of my minds logic. I cannot be afraid to offend, to step on some toes, to be radical or undiplomatic. How easy it is for us to fear man’s opinion more than God’s wouldn’t you say? We have more conversations about differing human opinions than we do about God’s stand point on the matter.

I think it is possible to make sacrifice’s for the kingdom while remaining disobedient to the king. Why else would Samuel condemn Saul with words such as “to obey is better than sacrifice”, this quote alone reveals that there exists a distinction between obedience and sacrifice. I actually believe that sacrifice often distracts us from obedience. Busy, occupied individuals don’t have the time to consider how effective their actions are. Sacrifice takes power, energy and passion, but it is possible to expend it all in the wrong areas of life. A man working in the office till midnight everyday sacrifices for money to provide extra toys and luxuries meanwhile fails to spend time teaching his son good character and strong integrity. Much sacrifice, little efficiency.

Sacrifice can be done independently while obedience requires a cooperation between two parties, it involves a relationship, a submission, a trust. Obedience directs us to the goals and visions of Christ rather than where we think our sweat and labour should leads. Obedience requires an attentive ear that hears the heartbeat of a God who is Sovereign over all and knows what is best for our future. Obedience is a Sacrifice, a sacrifice of our own voice so that his will would be done on earth as it echos and manifests in heaven.


So if obedience requires my pride, my flesh, my rationality, my diplomacy and reputation… so be it.



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