It’s been a few weeks since I arrived in Boston and I have concluded that I love here. Maybe it’s the fact that starting new is always exciting, or that my favorite season of the year starts in September, or that ministry has started off extremely well, either way I feel confident and sure of my place here in this city for this particular time in my life.


For the first time since I got that precious G2, I live in a city with no personal motorized transportation. I live on the other side of town from my bestest friend, attend 6am prayer meetings in a church that is a 10 min drive away from my home, and the temperature is rapidly dropping. This may be a walk in the park for some of you, but Jesse is spoiled when it comes to getting around town. His father drove him daily to a school which would have taken 7 min to walk to, his idea of a hand-me-down was an Acura Integra from his sister, and his family always asked HIM for permission before taking out the car that THEY actually owned 🙂 So getting to morning prayer has its drawbacks for a guy like me.

But in the midst of such a loss, I have found a new love. Her name is Bertha… A Red 2008 DRAFT racing road bike from Laundry Bicycle across Boston University. There really is no better way to get to know your new city then to ride your bike around town. Whether it is riding down the Charles River bike path, or swerving through ridiculous Boston traffic, there is a thrill in moving through the city on two wheels.

So no need to worry mother, I’ve found my way to get around. We’ll see how I deal with the Winter, but so far the Fall has been treating me well.


One thought on “My New Love

  1. hey good to see you that last time at H&M!Riding and walking around is certainly a great way to know a city well. It's a whole diff kind of experiencing the sights and sounds of a place. I miss biking around- I did that a lot in Waterloo but it's a little harder in TO when places I'm going are so far. Welcome to the expel your own energy riding club!

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