“The loss of the concept of majesty has come just when the forces of religion are making dramatic gains and the churches are more prosperous than at any time within the past several hundred years. But the alarming thing is that our gains are mostly external and our losses wholly internal; and since it is the quality of our religion that is affected by internal conditions, it may be that our supposed gains are but losses spread over a wider field.
The only way to recoup our spiritual losses is to go back to the cause of them and make such corrections as the truth warrants. The decline of the knowledge of the holy has brought on our troubles. A rediscovery of the majesty of God will go a long way toward curing them. It is impossible to keep our moral practices sound and our inward attitude right while our idea of God is erroneous or inadequate. If we would bring back spiritual power to our lives, we must begin to think of God more nearly as He is.”

A.W. Tozer – The Knowledge of the Holy

I was reminded this week of how little justice we bring to who God is. I believe that much of the issues plaguing our minds and bodies are caused by the warped and distorted view of our Lord. It is one thing to fix our eyes on Jesus, but another thing to know what kind of Jesus we are looking at. Some of us are fixing our eyes on a self-constructed God that mirror bare fragments of who Jesus really is. The issue is not the sincerity of our pursuit, but the exactitude of the image we are pursuing.


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