I had the honor and privilege of learning a new term last week. Here’s the definition:

A “Door Prize” occurs when a…


intersects with a….



So last Tuesday I’m riding down Harvard Ave when out of no where this freakin door opens up in front of me. My front wheel crashes against the door bending it way back while my shoulder slams into the door frame. I was talking after to the bike expert guy and told him what had happened and he was like “chuckle chuckle….. you mean a Door Prize?”. It wasn’t very funny at the time 🙂 Luckily I had no injuries, but poor Bertha suffered some severe damages to the front fork and tire.

It’s now in surgery at the shop until Wednesday.

I really actually thought that I’d have the cat reflexes to dodge opening doors, but they really do come out of no where. It’s a good thing Jules got me a helmet a few days before 🙂 No need to worry mother, I’ll be sure to just slow down traffic and drive in the middle of the road from now on.

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