“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing”

John 14:12
Believing in an invisible God can make one weary after a while. It’s not that God owes us an appearance in the sky every so often, but the journey of faith is not always an easy road. This past week, however, I had the honor of seeing a glimpse of God’s physical reality. It sure doesn’t happen all the time, but on Wednesday evening God made an appearance.
Three students and I were in a dark classroom singing “I could sing of your love forever” when a girl walked in asking if we were singing “gospel songs.” We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and said, “Sure, I guess you can say that.” As she took interest and joined our circle, a friend of mine noticed her limping as she came in. He asked if we could pray for her and she said “Sure!” After a short prayer, we asked her to walk around to see if anything changed. She got up, started walking, and to our amazement the pain was gone! In my doubt, I asked her three times “Are you for real?” She told us that it was better and we all went crazy, so excited to see God at work.
A few days later, after a powerful time of worship, we were on our way out of my friend’s apartment when my buddy Dave mentioned to me how how he twisted his knee the day before. After seeing such a miracle on Wednesday my faith was stirred and I asked him if we could pray for him right there on the sidewalk. We knelt down on the sidewalk, put our hands on his knee, prayed a short prayer and told him to walk around to see if the pain was still there. To my shock once again, he was completely healed! He started jumping, hopping, and running around in circles reassuring us it was legitimate. We were all amazed and couldn’t stop laughing as we got into the car.
After dropping everyone off, I sat in my car with tears thanking the Lord for being able to experience His physical reality. I felt like I could finally exhale! After holding my breath for so long waiting to see God reveal himself in a supernatural way, I was able to finally breathe, to finally say that I could SEE the Lord! More than the amazement of seeing these people get healed, I felt so honored that God would show himself to me in this way.

5 thoughts on “Healings in a Classroom and on the Sidewalk!

  1. i admire your guys' faith. : )i think its important to remember that this supernatural stuff -could- be an everyday occurrence. i've heard too many stories of heidi baker in mozambique… 2yo orphans praying for sick people left and right and everyone getting healed. nothing incredibly special about her or them –just the same faith and the same God living in you.

  2. Sure it can happen everyday…but for a guy who didn't see it happen all the time to one who is now finally seeing it happen multiple times, it sure doesn't feel ordinary. Come back soon Kelsey! It's exciting times in Boston.

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