In deciding upon which cause to support in this world, I frankly get overwhelmed. The process of choosing is a daunting task. I heard this guy named Barry Schwartz give the name “The Paradox of Choice” to an issue similar to the dilemma I’m talking about. He frames his argument by claiming that freedom is humanities most treasured possession and that the world tends to think that the more choices we have, the more freer we become. But in response, he argues that having too many choices usually leave us in a state of paralysis. The overwhelming task of making a decision amidst a plethora of choices tends to stop us from choosing all together. Although choices are good, in that we’ll probably end up with a better decision as a result of the various options, we’ll usually end up less satisfied with what we decide upon. Because the choices are limitless, we’re prone to think that, in the end, we could have made a better decision.

I think this is the problem I have when it comes to deciding upon what cause to support. I’m always thinking that there’s going to be a more impactful cause to support in the near future. That if I act now, I’ll miss out on a better opportunity to give. So what do I do? I usually just wait it out until some huge natural disaster gets shoved in my face with an urgency I can’t ignore. Only then do I pull out my wallet or organize a fundraiser.

Well this time around, I want to beat myself to the punch. I’m just gonna choose a cause I care about, settle with the fact that it’s probably not the most critical issues occurring in the world right now and make it happen. In fact, why don’t I make it happen right now?!

(segue into fund raising pitch)…

My birthday is coming up soon (February 9th) and I thought I’d use that day to help raise some money for a clean water project in Liberia through an organization called OneDaysWages. After reading through the issue, here’s what stuck out to me. People don’t just get thirsty when they don’t have enough water, their time, education, and hope for a future is greatly affected. Apparently “many children spend all day helping their parents fetch water instead of going to school.” They say that the lack of latrines and water to wash with causes girls to drop out of school when they begin puberty.Who knew water had such a huge affect on education? And for such simple reasons. Issues that could easily be solved with a local water source. I don’t know if you’re tracking with me on this particular cause, but if you are, click on my Birthday for a cause site and give whatever you can. ODW makes it crazy easy to create a campaign or support a cause. I encourage you to check it out and give!


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