It’s been one week since Donald Trump has taken office and I can’t seem to read anything but outrage and protest on my Facebook feed.

And people, I’m right there with you.

But amidst reading and watching all these executive orders being announced this week, I just so happened to be reading a book called Compassion and the Mission of God by Rupen Das. And I got to say, one of the quotes in the book gave me pause.

It says, “The church must be a sample of the kind of humanity within which, for example, economic and racial differences are surmounted. Only then will it have something to say to society that surrounds it about how those differences must be dealt with. Otherwise preaching to a world a standard of reconciliation that is not its own experience will neither be honest nor effective.”
John Howard Yoder, Mennonite Theologian and Ethicist

In other words, we need to practice what we preach. Or in this case, we need to put some action into the things we protest.

As ridiculous as Trump is, I tend to wonder whether my churches literal responses to these matters matches the intensity of my verbal indignation to his policies on such issues.

What have I done recently to respond to gender inequality? What actions have I recently taken to embrace refugees? Do I even know where North Dakota is on a map?

Not much… Thought about it… And yes, I just google mapped it.

Does this mean we should stop protesting or hold back from communicating our opposition to what’s playing out in American politics?

Of course not.

But if anything, it’s a good time to pause and take a good look at whether we are tangibly responding to these great needs and issues in proportion to how many likes and shares we dish out.

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