Who is Your Enemy?

While reading the Sermon on the Mount last night, the all too familiar passage began to speak to me in a new way. "Love your enemies" Jesus says. I heard it a thousand times, yet I never realized how far I was from grasping the gravity of such a statement. "If you love those who … Continue reading Who is Your Enemy?


Dead but Still Original

You would think that "dying to yourself" is a pretty straight forward concept in the scriptures. Surrender your life to the Lord and follow his will right? What more can you say than that? To add anything to this equation would give off the impression that one is trying to tone down the intensity of … Continue reading Dead but Still Original

Identity, Opinions, and a Russian Critic

I'm a pretty bad swimmer. While doing laps with Jules in our gym's pool, a large Russian man floating around the deep end, literally and seriously asked me if I ever took swimming lessons before. When I smiled and told him that I stopped taking lessons as a kid, he said in his broken English, "I didn't think so. You're very bad." As … Continue reading Identity, Opinions, and a Russian Critic

How Simple Churches deal with Complex Issues

The beauty behind simple and organic churches is the belief that every Christian is called to participate in the life and mission of the church. It revolves around the notion that the laity encompasses a greater capacity to minister than we give them credit for. With that conviction in mind, we implement strategies that allocate more … Continue reading How Simple Churches deal with Complex Issues